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Multi-use / Hotel

Nationwide Arena
Hockey and Entertainment Venue
System Selection-Equipment Configuration
Design Assist-Value Engineering- Developed Budget
Life Cycle Analysis-Specification Review-Controls Strategy
HVAC-Plumbing-Soda & Beer Distribution Conduit
Columbus Zoo
Manatee Exhibit
System Selection-Design Assist-Value Engineering
Developed Budget- Specification Review-Controls Strategy
Life Support Systems-HVAC-Plumbing
Smith Brothers
Office Building Renovation
Systems Selection-Design Assist-Value Engineering
Budgeting-Life Cycle Analysis -Specification Review
Controls Strategy-HVAC-Plumbing
Dave and Busters Restaurant and Entertainment Complex Value Engineering-Budgeting-HVAC-Plumbing
Toledo Zoo
Arctic Adventure Polar Bear and Seal Exhibit
HVAC-Plumbing-Aquatic Controls-Boiler Plant
Life Support Systems
Retail Store
125,000 Square Foot Retail, Office and Restaurant Value Engineering-Budgeting-HVAC-Plumbing