Providing professional construction services for over 130 years


Sauer Group is committed to providing a better environment for our future generations of clients, suppliers, employees and citizens. As the global economy and population continue to expand, Sauer Group, Inc. faces a unique challenge to meet the requirements of construction of new and renovated projects that are productive, efficient and healthy while minimizing the impact on our environment. Our commitment to sustainable practices will provide us the mind-set of continuous improvement and being good stewards of our environment.

Our clients, along with our people maintain a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and cost validation through the planning design and construction of the projects.

Our participation in many energy efficient projects, emission reduction projects and renewable energy projects such as landfill methane recovery, environmental emission systems, coal waste power projects and waste to energy projects provides a testament to our commitment of sustainability and longevity of our environment.

Sauer Group, Inc’s overall objectives is to minimize the depletion of our natural resources, enhance energy efficiency, stewards of the environment and responsible citizens while focusing on our clients needs and objectives during the planning, design and construction process.