Project Description

Franklin County Chilled Water Plant

9– 650 Ton Chillers, Cooling Towers Pumps, and Associated Piping and Controls


Franklin County constructed a distributed chilled water plant to serve a complex of several buildings. The plant is linked by a series of risers and distribution piping which allow the facility to optimize their chiller plant operation and use the chillers which best fit the load requirements.

This project was a “distributed central plant” with chillers and pumps located in two separate buildings linked by risers and distribution piping. The installation had to be done while the offices were occupied and in use for service to the public. This meant not only that construction had to be done without interrupting traffic, also without interrupting service to the buildings.

Sauer worked entirely on second shift to avoid any affect on the access and use of the buildings. Sauer also developed a plan to phase in each component of the new plant to insure no interruption to the chilled water service.

Franklin County, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Project Team:
Glenn Morgan
Project Manager

Charles Volpe
Project Superintendent

Subcontract Type:
Fixed Price Lump Sum