Structural Steel

The Sauer fabrication group was formed over 20 years ago as a specialized fabrication operation. The group’s initial focus was the aerospace industry,where the quality requirements and tolerances are normally more stringent in comparison to most industrial / commercial projects. In the aerospace industry, many of the fabrications tend to be complex, unusual, and often one of a kind. Sauer’s mechanical talents and abilities have spanned over a century and, combined with the structural group, provides the capability of producing high-end fabrications with actuating or mechanized features. Over the years Sauer’s success in the aerospace industry has led us to expand into other areas where complex and / or unique fabrications are required.


  • Steel/Aluminum fabrication & installation
  • Specialized rigging and lifting
  • Corrosion control of structures and shipping vessels
  • Load testing of fabrications
  • Testing of mechanized & operable fabrications