Project Description

Mobile Launch Pad Launch Mount

Kennedy Space Center, Florida


Fabricate and install Launch Mount for ARES 1 Rocket.

The launch mount is a fully welded plate structure with stainless steel blast shielding mounted to the top surface and the flame duct opening.  Its final resting spot is atop the NASA’s new mobile launch pad structure that was initially built to service the ARES 1 rocket.  This mount is a precision weldment/structure.  The fabrication and machining tolerances for this weldment were extreme.  Structures such as this have no provisions for adjustability.  All members and shapes are shop manufactured then incorporated into the overall structure.  Weld control procedures are emplaced to mitigate warpage and skew for all assembly members and segments.  This structure was fully assembled in the shop to assure accuracy and then disassembled into 4 segments for shipping to the site.  At the site the segments were then refit and final welding of the segments were performed.

Contract Number:
NASA – NK08EB10C / Hensel Phelps – 8008101-1500100

Agency Name:
NASA / Hensel Phelps Construction Company