June is Fire Safety and Prevention Month here at Sauer!

According to FEMA, “each year, an estimated 4,800 construction site fires cause $35 million in property loss… Fire incidence at construction sites/complexes increases as the work-day progresses.” Here are some top safety tips to help your jobsite combat these statistics.

1. Plan chosen areas for trash with fire and emergency procedures in place to curb and deal with a fire should it break out.

2. Clear away trash and unused materials frequently to the chosen areas. Don’t let trash build up around the site.

3. Temporary power sources such as extension cords and GFCIs should be inspected before each use for damage.

4. Jobsites are susceptible to fire because of temporary heaters, smoking, tasks that produce sparks and more. Be aware of these risks.

5. High-intensity lights should not be hidden or placed near flammable material. They must be firmly fixed to stop them from falling over. Treat them as though they are heaters.

6. Do not smoke in areas of high fire risk or chosen ‘no smoking’ areas. Dispose of matches and cigarette butts cautiously.

7. Complete all hot works permits prior to starting work that produces sparks, flames, or heat.

8. Before beginning hot works make sure the nearby region is free of flammable material. Non-removable items must be covered with heat proof blankets. Don’t underrate how far radiant heat or sparks can travel.

9. Fire watch is required for at least 30 minutes after completion of work or client specific timeframe.

10. Always have suitable fire extinguishers available and a fire and emergency plan in place. Inspect fire extinguishers monthly and annually.