Vandenberg SLC 3E Modifications

Vandenberg Air Force Base, California


Sauer furnished and installed liquid oxygen and hydrogen stainless steel piping and associated supports for rapid flow transfer lines, vent lines, purge lines, actuation and purge panels and skids, along with associated subing systems.  These systems consisted of cryogenic valves and components, vacuum jacketed piping, flex hoses, LH2 flare stacks for the tanker unloading stations, vaporizer pressurization farm, storage tank areas, and launch vehicle autocouplier/decouplers.  These systems were all procured, fabricated, and installed by Sauer along with all proof testing, chemical cleaning, purging, and assisting the owner in the actual system LOX cold flows validate and commission the system.


Project Title:
SLC 3E Modifications

Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Lockheed Martin Corporation